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ADVANCED Sales Training
For Experienced Sales People

In response to growing demand, we have designed a two-day sales program that addresses the specific needs of more experienced sales people in the Aggregate and Concrete Industries. This program builds on the concepts presented in the Basic Sales Course and is targeted at sales people with 5+ years of experience in the Aggregate and Concrete Industries.

We will use the same proven techniques including group discussions, breakout sessions, case studies and role plays to encourage participation and promote learning.

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Advanced Sales Training Topics
Value Chain
  • Identifying drivers of value in production and sales
  • Matching customer needs to value created
  • Learning tools for communicating value to customers
  • Understanding the value chain
Cost-Value Equation
  • Understanding marginal and total costs
  • Identifying impact on customers
  • Understanding customer impact
  • RICVP - moving focus from price to costs
  • Don't bargain over position
  • Separate people from the problem
  • Focus on interest, not position
  • Create options for mutual gain
Customer Personalities and Strategies
  • Learn to spot different personality types
  • Use the DiSC profile to understand and predict the motivations of different personality types
  • Learn to flex your style for different customers
  • Better understand your own strengths and weaknesses
Sales Management
  • Managing sales resources and priorities
  • Identifying keys to sales management success
  • Managing key accounts
  • Understanding the five building blocks for strategic selling
Industry Trends
  • Substitute products
  • Social media and technology
  • Consolidation
  • Environmental
  • Labor
What Participants will Learn
  • How does your company add value to its products and services?
  • How do you move the discussion from price to project costs?
  • How to avoid the win/lose trap in negotiations?
  • How can you anticipate and respond to what motivates a customer?
  • How do you maximize your limited sales resources?
  • How are industry trends impacting your results?

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