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Advanced Sales Participant Comments

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Martin Marietta

"I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the advanced course. It was refreshing to hear other suppliers challenges and know you were not alone. The course did a great job addressing the current climate and how we communicate that with our customers. I also enjoyed hearing from the Customer Panel. They provided great insight as to what their challenges are and how they want to be treated."

Rogers Group

"Once again, great course as a follow-up to the Basic Sales Training. Information specific to aggregate sales kept me interested and engaged in lectures and class activities. Great insight to my sales/personality type and applying my style to various customer types. "

Thomas Concrete

"Very informative. The coarse has given me insight into pricing strategy and help me to learn that I need to continually rate my customers as "A" "B" or "C". Maybe the largest volume customer is not my best customer. I also would like my competitors to be involved in this type of training as it would benefit our industry as a whole. Thanks Chris and Jim for another job well done!"

Lehigh Hanson

"Leading with the Basic Class refresher was helpful and set-up the class well. The Delivering Value section showed me new techniques and ways to expand on the common company values. The Negotiation section helped show ways to turn stressful situations & market pressures into partnership problem solving. DISC discussion with the group was very interesting. I enjoyed discussing as an individual and as a group. Having the Customer Panel was great to have their point of view."


"I loved getting into the weeds with the individual specific examples on how to combat price with Delivering Value. Understanding BATNA & the Getting to Yes X/Y Game was electric. The Customer Panel was enlightening no matter where we are in the country, our issues seems to be the same."

Rogers Group

"I think that the course was great! Being new in outside sales role, I was anxious to learn some of the "tricks of the trade". This course did not disappoint! Every segment had information that I can use in my job going forward. My favorite class was the Time and Technology Management. I am anxious to get back to my job and put what I have learned to good use."