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San Antonio Class - 2017

Sample Comments from Participants

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Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel

"As a person with technical experience but little formal sales training, this course was excellent. The class atmosphere with students of a diverse geographic and varied experiences and backgrounds, brought to light many idea and thoughts on how to intelligently approach the sales plan. "

Martin Marietta

"Excellent instructors that provided conceptual insight along with legitimate industry applications. Was highly thought provoking and challenging while still teaching valuable tools. Enjoyed how applicable it was to our actual industry."

Rogers Group

"Atmosphere was great. Each student was challenged to think outside the box. Pushed out of my comfort zone a few time, but was satisfied with the result it brought. Would be interested in taking advanced course in a year or two"

Martin Marietta

"Having taken and actively participating in other sales training, I preferred this experience….With our industry in focus, I feel like the program flow went smoothly and it is more realistic and more applicable when dealing with our type of customers. The role play was an extremely helpful experience because the instructors really knew how to portray the customer in different scenarios. This added review of those role plays in a group setting opened up other avenues the conversation could have taken."


"I loved hearing about things from the buyer's perspective. It was good hearing how they think, what they value, and how they make their decisions. My being new in the outside sales and this industry, it was good getting some additional tools and insight in our market to apply to my job. "

Rogers Group

"I think that the course was great! Being new in outside sales role, I was anxious to learn some of the "tricks of the trade". This course did not disappoint! Every segment had information that I can use in my job going forward. My favorite class was the Time and Technology Management. I am anxious to get back to my job and put what I have learned to good use."