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Memphis - 2017

Advanced Sales Participant Comments

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Bluewater Industries

"I enjoy how you challenge how much/often we sell value, because that is something I don't do enough. You do a great job of making the class flow with examples, conversations, and group activities to keep everyone engaged."

Rogers Group

"Once again, great course as a follow-up to the Basic Sales Training. Information specific to aggregate sales kept me interested and engaged in lectures and class activities. Great insight to my sales/personality type and applying my style to various customer types. "

Thomas Concrete

"Very informative. The coarse has given me insight into pricing strategy and help me to learn that I need to continually rate my customers as "A" "B" or "C". Maybe the largest volume customer is not my best customer. I also would like my competitors to be involved in this type of training as it would benefit our industry as a whole. Thanks Chris and Jim for another job well done!"

Fullen Dock

"Puzzle, XY, Card Game - all the way around good. Enjoyed the group aspect with the feedback as well. Thought they were well put together and beneficial. I thought the class was taught and put together well. "


"Role Plays are so important to watch and analyze. We need to do more examples, but time is always a factor. Card game was valuable to see how others see you and how you see them as buyers and sellers. Great course guys, thank you very much."