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The Value of Strategic Planning

Increasing competition, rising customer expectations and the possibility of mergers, buyouts, partnerships and other alliances are forcing many companies to rethink their strategies for the future. If your company faces similar challenges, strategic planning can help you anticipate and adapt to change. Vantage Planning facilitators will guide you and your management team through an interactive process to :

Strategic Planning is not magic. It is hard work aimed at establishing a process for analyzing, making decisions about, and directing your business. Strategy goes beyond predicting and reacting to your environment. It helps you anticipate the areas where change is likely to occur and exploit these new opportunities.

Strategic Planning isn't intended to replace managerial intuition or to outperform entrepreneurial executives; however, it does help management understand and prepare for the future impact of current decisions.

Strategic planning forces companies to examine and innovate by drawing attention periodically to the major questions a business should ask itself:

Vantage Associates has developed a planning system that works - both for the company and for the individual employees. The key is involving and developing company personnel - guiding them toward successful implementation of the planning system.