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All Participating Organizations
Board of Directors - Self Assessment
Number of Individual Participants = 614

(Use this data as a Benchmark to compare the responses for your organization.)

Mission and Strategy 
Question Entity Rating (5=Strongly Agree)
1.) Understands the Mission and Vision of the organization 
Self 4.30
Board 4.05
2.) Able to properly represent the organization to the local community 
Self 4.09
Board 3.88
3.) Has an active role in developing annual goals and objectives of the organization 
Self 3.77
Board 3.76
4.) Has an active role a developing a long-term strategic plan 
Self 3.67
Board 3.68

General Knowledge 
Question Entity Rating (5=Strongly Agree)
5.) Familiar with the challenges of the non-profit environment 
Self 4.11
Board 3.84
6.) Active in other charitable or community organizations 
Self 4.06
Board 3.71
7.) Organization takes full advantage of skills and experience 
Self 3.75
Board 3.46

Agency Knowledge 
Question Entity Rating (5=Strongly Agree)
8.) Has adequate knowledge of all the organization's major programs and services 
Self 3.86
Board 3.63
9.) Is familiar with the financial status of the organization 
Self 4.19
Board 3.96
10.) Have the experience and skills necessary to lead the organization 
Self 3.81
Board 3.89
11.) Informed about the issues that are important to the organization 
Self 4.08
Board 3.97

Roles and Responsibilities 
Question Entity Rating (5=Strongly Agree)
12.) Supports the organization through personal or corporate contributions 
Self 4.15
Board 3.73
13.) Is aware of the roles and responsibilities of the board 
Self 4.22
Board 3.86
14.) Understands the differences between the responsibilities of the board and staff 
Self 4.17
Board 3.78
15.) Takes care to avoid conflicts of interest 
Self 4.34
Board 3.98

Question Entity Rating (5=Strongly Agree)
16.) Plays an active role in raising funds to support the organization 
Self 3.65
Board 3.53
17.) Participates in established committees 
Self 4.00
Board 3.73
18.) Demonstrates support through attendance at board meetings and other events 
Self 4.25
Board 3.86
19.) Follows through on commitments made to the organization 
Self 4.17
Board 3.79
20.) Participates in the process of selecting and developing board leadership 
Self 3.62
Board 3.64