Nonprofit Salary Survey Results

Use the links below to access the results of the Nonprofit Salary Survey. The results are provided in two files. Each file is provided in two formats. The first is a short report analyzing and summarizing the responses to the survey. This file is provided in MS Word and PDF formats. The second is a spreadsheet which contains the raw data and a series of graphs and charts that were also used in the report. This data file gives you the option of conducting additional analysis if needed for your specific organization. This file is provided in MS Excel 2010 and MS Excel 97-2003 fromats.

Link Description
ReportSummary.docx Summary report in MS Word 2010 format.
ReportSummary.pdf Summary report in PDF format.
SalarySvy.xlsx Data and graphs in MS Excel 2010 spreadsheet format
SalarySvy.xls Data and graphs in MS Excel 97-2003 spreadsheet format

Click the link to open or right-click to download.